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  • Our Little Sister

    Our Little Sister


    Kore-eda's beauty lies in the way his stories are grounded in reality and the simplistic method he uses to deliver them. That being said, Our Little Sister is lighter and blander as compared to some of his other works. The film portrays a heartfelt story of three sisters and how they come about raising this orphaned younger sister, now that their father has passed away. 
    Probably got a bit mundane from time to time maybe because of the slow pace or the lack of "drama" in the story, but I guess the warmth and fuzziness of the film eclipses all of that.

  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


    The film has some great visuals (some serious upgrade from Rupert Wyatt's Apes film), but is sorely let down by a weak and lacklustre script. 

    "I thought we had a chance." 

    "I did too." 

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  • Mustang



    "The house became a wife factory that we never came out of." 

    Mustang is an indie film that by displaying the severely backward conditions five young girls are raised in, not only addressed an issue prevalent in a village in Northern Turkey but also in so many parts around the world. 

    Being an Indian and having travelled down to my grandparents's house in rural India, I've seen hands-on how archaic cultural norms and traditions will enforce a kind of societal…

  • Shakti



    Shakti is a conflicting setup between a dutiful cop-father and a rebellious son that makes for an emotion-ridden story and performances, though at times ends up being overly melodramatic. Dilip Kumar, hands down, is the spotlight of the film.