Mustang ★★★½

"The house became a wife factory that we never came out of." 

Mustang is an indie film that by displaying the severely backward conditions five young girls are raised in, not only addressed an issue prevalent in a village in Northern Turkey but also in so many parts around the world. 

Being an Indian and having travelled down to my grandparents's house in rural India, I've seen hands-on how archaic cultural norms and traditions will enforce a kind of societal pressure on young girls and women, in general. The fact that I could pin-point several similarities between the situation faced by the Turkish girls and that faced by girls in my country just shows how despite cultural differences thousands of miles apart, societial expectations are collectively similar around the globe. And Ergüven puts forth the teenage-girl angst against these atrocious views quite well. 

The film sends out a great message to women to not get subdued under the pressure of society around them and to the society to not interfere much with their children's freedom. However, despite the message, can't deny that the film was slightly slow and choppy at times. Some developments either progressed too quickly while some ended quite abruptly. The girls were very well cast - very authentic, especially Günes Sensoy (who played Lale) - my god she can act 🙌🏼

Definitely one of my top foreign films of 2015.