Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★½

bursting at the seams with color, music, movement, Knives Out is wildly imaginative, rambling...

such an endearing vibe, even though it’s being completely unsubtle- at one point, referring to the house, Ransom goes “now you think you can steal it from us? You think I'm not going to fight for our birthright, our home, our ancestral family home?“

but it works, somehow, because it’s simply not interested in subtlety, which can be both refreshing and artless, depending on how you look at it

just a little too pleased with itself, but it’s having so much fun working itself out, you can hardly fault it for this

ridiculously fun, crumpled tin foil: shiny and convoluted and distractingly amusing

everything ties up a little too neatly, everyone is way too melodramatic, but Knives Out is definitely in on its joke, and its laughter is contagious

there’s not much I remember about it except for the distinct sense that it was fun while it lasted

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