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  • Aziz Ansari: Right Now

    Aziz Ansari: Right Now


    The weird thing is, if this is an apology it's well rehearsed.

    It's far different from the sincerity in Bo Burnham's Make Happy (2016), wherein the show is being blunt and meta. You know it's rehearsed, perfected to every single second, but in the end, the core of the show stays true to itself--the challenge of the form that is stand-up.

    Aziz Ansari's Right Now responds to the challenges that he himself faced, the entire #MeToo, and the problematic artists…

  • Us



    Certainly did not run out of the scares. Portraying the theme of we are our own monsters. I just hope parts of the film remained slightly ambiguous, the way The One I Love (2014) and Annihilation (2018) dealt with themes and the overall concept. But overall, US is still a terrifying mindtrip that will give audiences a post-show paranoia. Surely far from a sophomore slump and deserving of a 2nd or 3rd viewing!