Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy ★★½

Embarrassingly inconsistent at times both as a star vehicle and a period saga (god, that first 40 minutes) but its key action episodes offer some seamless stuntwork and efficient CGI that work shocking moments of intensity into it at some crucial points. The colour palette used in its closing moments also really stood out for me. The climax is also the highest the film could go, and it drops hardocre imagery on you. Its world now feels larger than it did in any scene before. The goosebumps value of the segment alone is worth the admission price.

And so Surrender Reddy's more polished strengths always lie in his sense of the visual theatrics, which old fashioned Chiranjeevi riffs off wonderfully for older audiences with appetites for cultural drama over spectacle. Definitely see it.

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