Tenet ★★★★

Nolan's most gloriously rambling crypto-spectacle yet and somehow not shocking that it's his emptiest (or rather his first film without much of a soul). It's breathtaking to see the man cheat the scales of these two extremes with the deadpan glamour of a Bond flick. Much of it echoes Inception's reflexively compact heist-staging conundrums. The rampant precision he jams into his reality's ruptures are still peerlessly unreal to say the least, and these details topple over and over to mount epic jigsaw action shuffling into loud, calculative mayhem. I don't believe in saying no to cinema this huge and mighty. The after-effects are currently extreme. I'm sure I'll settle down just in time to go through all of the chaos again...and again...and again. I'm just happy I could be back in a movie theatre and bask in my place of worship again.

Some notes:
- Ludwig is a wizard.
- Who is hurting these sound mixing experts?
- Kenneth Branagh is just doing his Jack Ryan villain all over again
- That finale is Michael Bay on acid, and I'm going to see it like another 20 times
- At its core, this may be Nolan's genius little poke at the natural systems of free will.

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