Tenet ★★★★½

Okay, a bit of a looser post this one as I've begun to care less about the presentation of my letterboxd. I really feel I need to talk about my delightful cinema experience here this time around instead of rambling about why I'm bumping my rating up (at this point I'd be a show-off--one review was enough right?).
Anywaaaay, going to see this again felt like being warped into the Baroque era. I fucking love the place I went to. A nice fever dream for anyone who practically lives in movie theatres. I was the first guest of the day (at 5pm) and had the whole establishment to myself. Classical piano when I entered, James Brown when I came out. The only person on duty was the manager who let me wait in the lounge before giving me my ticket and even personally escorted me to the screen. Could this hotelier atmosphere be the future of a movie-going experience? Because I absolutely loved it. Maybe movie theatres as romantic relics is exactly what I need. A tiny, cruel part of me wants the major multiplexes to die just so that these outings, if few, will feel more special. I told the manager the lounge looked like The Shining when I walked in (it totally does, they had the same carpet too) and she laughed.
I also snuck in red bull, switched between 6 different rows during the film and tried to touch the projector, so this was a ridiculously awesome and personalized time. Cinemas rule and I want to hug them.

Coming back to Tenet (sorry, I can't help myself), they fixed the sound mixing in the film (yay) and some talky scenes honestly feel like a totally different film now. One that I can now confidently call Nolan's finest since Inception.
The finale. God. I can watch it on loop for the orchestral chaos on the editing floor. The duality in the red-blue team music cues. The piercing noise of obliviated rubble. I could cry. How I've missed big picture cinema.

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