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  • Thriller: A Cruel Picture

    Thriller: A Cruel Picture


    Exploitation films, sexploitation films, well they can be crass not always in a good way, some are slapdash with pointless sex scenes, unimaginative deaths and baffling storylines. Thriller: A Cruel Picture manages to balance both explosively brutally grim deaths with a well paced but powerful plot and stunning cinematography. I always knew this was a film I had to see but I really regret waiting so long to do so.

  • Nail Gun Massacre

    Nail Gun Massacre


    Sometimes a film doesn't have to be good to be good.

    What Nail Gun Massacre lacks in finesse and plausibility it makes up for in out of tune country rock and occasional electro, denim wardrobes, huge belt buckles, an under qualified, lackadaisical doctor, a disaffected cop, and plumped up areolas.

    It doesn't bother with a gradual lead in to the plot, more wham, bam straight in to the revenge. Which seems incredibly random even though you know from the get…

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  • Watership Down

    Watership Down


    I find this film so distressing, traumatic yet I've watched it several times and each time I'm left feeling empty, possibly due to the nonstop crying. I'm surprised I haven't vomited with heartache. It is truly an amazing film.

  • Mac and Me

    Mac and Me


    I love this film. For me this is more of a masterpiece than E.T.

    From the scary, phallic looking aliens to the blatant product placement (Less subtle than Stalinist propaganda) and the action packed, heart-stopping, logic splitting runaway wheelchair scene. There wasn't a dry seat in my house.

    It just makes you realise coca-cola fixes everything.