Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 ★★½

Bon Cop Bad Cop is a great concept, for which we apparently have to thank Patrick Huard. Its execution is less great. While I think this is slightly better than the first film—largely because it actually has the aesthetic of a movie and not a bad 90s music video—, Huard should have handed over writing to someone more experienced.

There are several individual moments that work here, mostly because Huard and co-star Colm Feore are so much fun to watch together. But the script needed several more passes. The pacing and tone are all over the place; it has a running time exceeding two hours with needless subplots and a fundamental misunderstanding of how a plot should be structured. It's a movie that puts Canada-US relations prominently into the poster and tagline, and then doesn't bring that up until almost an hour into the movie. It bounces around episodically with no real sense of tension or urgency, and doesn't know what to do with its villain or its climax.

I kind of want a Bon Cop Bad Cop 3 (though this one sort of closes the book on that possibility) just to hope they finally do justice to this great idea. Maybe I'll just hope for a reboot.

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