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  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    I was so into it till the second half. Past the second half, the movie seems to loose its vision.Β 

    It’s not even the full second half- just the end. It seemed forced and too obvious- especially the whole interaction at the end.

  • Parasite



    I rarely love a movie more with a rewatch. One of my favorite films, Stalker- I didn’t like as much after my second watch.Β 

    But this film is just flawless- technically. Firstly the CGI of the house and the surroundings of it is so flawless, it’s invisible.Β 

    Then the production design. Turning a soundstage into a seemingly seamless mansion, is so commendable.Β 

    Finally the plot and the recurring theme of social imbalance in Bong Joon Ho’s films. In this one he takes the metaphors and goes literal with it.