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    Yet again, the truly special ones are discovered at Quinzaine. I get sooo happy (i’m crying) when first time filmmakers find the right audience and are met with love, and it’s especially heartening at a platform as reputed and big as here. Owen Kline & the absolutely bona fide cast were sat in the audience too — which was great because there was just so much cackling and palpable energy throughout the runtime. Geeky little indie produced by the Safdie brothers (one of) and picked up by A24.

  • Holy Spider

    Holy Spider


    The most Anurag Kashyap film Anurag Kashyap didn’t make.

    I feel like there were angles to this story which Abbassi only alludes to that could’ve have potentially made this far more intriguing and thought provoking. As it stands … seen it, read it, heard it before.

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  • Great Freedom

    Great Freedom


    Cannes day 2: Forgot to wear underwear so decided not to drink water BUT THEN watched Franz Rogowski naked on screen while Franz Rogoswki in a white suit sat 15ft away from me.

  • Sherni



    In the attention-deficit digital economy, rich is the filmmaker who still chooses to tell their story patiently. Haste, the largest byproduct of social media use, has seeped into not only our art forms but our activism, too. We’re so caught up in being on the right side of everything that there is little time or tolerance leftover to understand — not justify, not agree with, not enable, simply understand — the other sides. 

    Sherni is the exceptional conservation story that…