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  • Dune



    I've a love–hate relationship with writer-director Denis Villeneuve, as I'm fond of four of his films (Incendies, Prisoners, Enemy and Blade Runner 2049) and not really a fan of others (Arrival and Sicario), but at the end of the day, I appreciate any artist who's willing to take risks.

    Dune: Part One, naturally, is nothing but build up. The climactic moment of the movie isn't really a climax because it's just the mid-point where the movie is still building up…

  • Minari



    My face is beaming. I'm cock-a-hoop at watching Minari THIS early, because I've been anxious as hell and just wanted to watch Minari as soon as possible, and this is one of the best films I’ve seen this year that’s in the top four for me. From the opening moments, I knew I was in for a special movie. Director Lee Isaac Chung is hands down a major talent to keep your eyes on. How he tells this story feels…

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  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho

    You can have good cinematography, editing and so on but it can be used for a bad narrative decision. My primary consideration, thus, is plot, because even if the artistry is passable enough to not bother, screenplay can elevate the experience by a lot, but if the storytelling is atrocious, there isn't much that artistry can do in order to salvage it to me.

    I view rating things as what kind of value the movie gives to me so I'm…

  • Spencer



    INOX Leisure Ltd.

    Opening with a title card reading,


    Pablo Larraín’s film isn’t based on a wholly true event. Nor does it want to tell Diana’s life story. SPENCER is an act of psychological horror, a kind of ghost story, and a survivalist picture carried by an uncannily immersive Kristen Stewart, in one of the absolutely outstanding performances of her career which pulls together Diana’s lore and Larraín’s conception of her, creating a fleshed-out…