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  • Ball Passing Through a Soap Bubble

    Ball Passing Through a Soap Bubble


    It's as Deleuze says: the secret of movement is that when something moves, everything changes. Only then is it truly movement.

  • In Vanda's Room

    In Vanda's Room


    Sometimes you remember that "chamber" and "camera" are two words with the same etymological root. The concept of the camera originally signified a type of room, always a room enclosed by a roof, which allowed one to see things differently. "I was too much," Vanda says, "I was always forgetting things." In the rooms of this film, gently but insistently, the camera is able to touch its forgotten origins. Still, Costa's word, not "chamber" or "room" but "quarter," is perhaps…

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  • Edvard Munch

    Edvard Munch


    There is no establishing shot for the most tormented depths of the soul. Instead, only sideways glances into the camera, and zooms.

  • Daughters of the Dust

    Daughters of the Dust


    The filmmakers of the L.A. Rebellion were unequivocal: "Our task is to reconstruct cultural memory, not slavishly imitate white models."

    Julie Dash films with intensity, empathy, and, above all, that ~certain something~ that might be called "lyricism," or maybe "poeticism," or even "sensualism." These are all words that I'd associate closely with Malick and that tender, dreamlike grandiosity he tends to shoot for. But I would hesitate to apply these words to Dash; she's on a different level entirely.