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  • Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Wojas Smart Story

    Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Wojas Smart Story


    Competent, and while it may be more faithful the actual events, the Gus Van Sant version To Die For has so much more personality.

  • All Is Lost

    All Is Lost


    'Wait, why is he doing that?... Ooooooh!: The Movie'

    Like The Martian except on Earth (so, The Earthling?). I'm glad they went with a seasoned vet like Redford instead of just putting some Michael Fassbender or something on a boat. With so little dialogue and no backstory this really needed someone well-versed with the "method" method of acting. Plus Redford's craggy features easily pass for wind-beaten mariner.

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  • A Sound of Thunder

    A Sound of Thunder

    What I Wanted: A loose, but faithful and well meaning adaptation of the Ray Bradbury short story of the same name.

    What I Got: Shit on.

  • Dark Habits

    Dark Habits


    I just can't help but feel that a movie about heroin-shooting lesbian nuns providing refuge to a showgirl on the run from the mob should've been more entertaining.