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  • Coco



    What a beautiful way to start off a new cinematic year. I was swept by the endearing magic of Pixar once again, and the lush, vibrant colors of the world they envisioned. This tale, as much as it's a tribute to the Mexican nation and their cultural heritage with subtle connotations about their stance in Trump's America, also quite literally transcends worlds and delicately touches on themes of family, death, mortality, oblivion and memory. Every day we build our connections…

  • Black Mirror: San Junipero

    Black Mirror: San Junipero


    You'll see me rewatching this beauty at least once a day from now on haha, I can't get it out of my system and need it to function properly even thought it already put me in a speechless state of emotional catharsis twice.

    In just 60m this episode-TV film covered more thematic ground and resonated more emotional depth than most films do, its cleverly structured screenplay is miraculous and truly visionary in terms of cerebral, relevant SF themes. And besides…

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  • Sicario



    You're asking me how a watch works. For now we'll just keep an eye on the time.

    From the initial burst of violence and shock that is the opening raid sequence, Sicario draws us into its sinister, dark, hopeless and unforgiving world, where questionable ethics and unclear line between good and evil and stand as the pillars of modernity. It succeeds as a realistic, unflinching portrayal of American War on Drugs, delivers a captivating study of the dark and ambiguous…

  • Heat



    A thrilling crime drama set in the underground of bluish neon-lit LA, brimming with immaculate and realistic action setpieces and layered, complex multitude of characters - both cops and criminals alike - helmed by two of the greatest actors of their generation at their prime.

    Heat is a towering classic, which defies standard black-and-white characterization, but instead approaches its characters realistically, depicting them as flawed indivdiuals struggling to cope their daily lives with their dangerous proffesions. The line between cops…