Dune ★★★★★

The experience of watching a film and not realizing you are watching one until the credits are rolling, this might sound pretentious, but that’s the experience of this film. The feeling of witnessing a masterpiece which involves all the masters in their respective craft, in front and behind the camera. The cast at its peak, the magical and thrilling Hans Zimmer score, Greig Fraser’s breathtaking cinematography, the immense production scale, I can go on …

A film at its heart a love letter to the unique relationship of the mothers and their children, their strength and willingness to stand on their own feet and at the same time, protect each other. As I said, the cast is truly at their strongest but it’s Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson who have given humanity, power and strength to their characters and this unique mother/son relationship.

Denis Villeneuve has succeeded in adapting the story deemed “unfilmable” to the screen and at the same time, he unlocked a world of cinematic brilliance. An unforgettable theatrical experience and can only be fully immersed in IMAX.

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