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  • Daisies
  • Mulholland Drive
  • Hellraiser
  • Cats

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  • The 4th Man

  • Spetters

  • Flesh + Blood

  • Turkish Delight

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  • The 4th Man

    The 4th Man

    Maybe I'll write a more articulate review later, but for now I will simply say that off all the Verhoeven films I've seen thus far, The 4th Man is potentially the most beautifully shot and maybe the one that made me the h*rniest??? this movie is so genderqueer and so Catholic and so hot.

  • Spetters


    The Dutch film title Spetters means both splatters -- of, say, french fry oil, petrol, mud, cum, or blood -- and (now outdated) slang for someone incredibly sexy. That untranslatable title really does incapsulate a lot of the spirit of this Verhoeven film.

    It's one of those films that was mistaken for being homophobic and sexist and ableist, when I (and the group I watched it with in general) feel pretty strongly that it is in part about those things,…

Popular reviews

  • Business is Business

    Business is Business

    I really enjoyed this Wat zien ik!? (literally "What do I see!?" but with the English title "Business is Business"). Someone I was watching it with mentioned that this reminded them a bit of Sedmikrásky (Daisies) and I totally agree. the context is very different, but some of the gleeful chaos and love/hate friendship is the same. and both are films i would describe as "romps".

    Business is Business is legit funny and is a film with a protagonist who…

  • Annette



    as an initial reaction, a list of things i like to see in a movie:

    - brechtian shit
    - musicals that could arguably be described as goth
    - film portrayals of theatrical productions 
    - weird sex scenes 
    - clever editing
    - prominent leather jackets 
    - pining
    - critiques of shitty masculinity
    - puppets
    - adam driver’s abs, apparently 

    if this also had vampires or aliens or demons or a non-linear narrative structure, Annette would probably check off all the Sid Branca boxes. this movie is definitely not for everyone but i absolutely fucking loved it, what a treat for me personally.