Girlfriends ★★★½

"I'm going to be old before I get to do what I want, and then I'm going to forget what it was!"

A personal favorite from Stanley Kubrick which Vitali told me they went to see in theatres on a random whim and were pleasantly surprised, 'Girl Friends' shows the friendly ups and downs of two female roommates who live in New York City. One is a Jewish photographer trying to break away from the weddings & bahmitzvas and expand her horizons. Her pal is a wannabe writer that wants to marry a man she's never met.

It has a great sense of framing and camera position which is essential for so many apartment interior shots. Eli Wallach was a sudden surprise. The locales are very relatable with laundromat & dive bar and struggling to sell your work. I love friendship films, and this is a great one! Their choices foil each other in their dreams and desires.

"Maybe I just like him a lot, maybe that's enough."