A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★½

A look forward from within the hopelessly bleak landscape of post-apocalypic waste and terror established in the first film, where the singular focus was on personal survival and that of immediate family, where parents watch out for, and sacrifice themselves for, their children. With Part 2, Krasinski takes it a step beyond this primal human regression into a state of survival of the fittest and poses the possibility of an actual future. More of a continuation than a sequel (it really is a part 2), he picks up exactly where we left off and shifts the focus to the next generation. Survival of the individual is important, but ultimately a selfish ideal and in the long run matters not compared to the preservation of the human race. The most perplexing factor of the first film - why would they have a baby, the loudest creature known to man, in an environment where noise is a death sentence - is explained here. The young lead the old into hope from a state of hopelessness, into a future from the seemingly inescapable present.

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