After Hours

After Hours ★★★★½

The film takes place over the course of a single night, and as the situations build on themselves and the consequences become increasingly dire, it's this feeling of containment that allows the film to be kinda hilarious no matter how many bad things mount on top of each other. This dude is not terribly intelligent, but that doesn't ever stop him from feeling like he needs to take responsibilities that he can't handle to feel like he's in control, only to back out when it's already too late. The people he encounters throughout are the kind you might expect to inhabit the city during these ungodly witching hours, and they serve to perpetuate his predicament in many unexpected ways; but in reality, it's his own attitude towards an entire sect of existence - the night life of the inner city - that consistently acts as his downfall. And in the end, it's not even a lesson learned, just an experience he will pitifully lament upon for the rest of his days.

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