Blindspotting ★★★★★

Not so much a paragraph as much as a bunch of unrelated sentences about the movie

The quickest, most energetic 90 minutes you'll ever spend watching a (non-action) movie. An absolute killer of a debut for both the writers and director. It's vibrant, in your face, loud. The audience, like the main character, is never, ever given the chance to have a blindspot to the reality of Oakland - everything that makes it great, as well as every social injustice. The title, BLINDSPOTTING, is a verb: it's an actionable offense to look away from injustice, not a passive one. I've heard complaints that it's a bit too unambiguous, that maybe the spoken word is a major oversimplification of an expression of feelings, but this is my 4th watch and it still feels fresh and raw. The most overlooked film of the decade.

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