Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside

"Got it? Good, now get inside."

This line immediately stood out to me, because it recontextualizes the title of the whole special. He isn't talking about staying indoors here – the special is firstly about a generation ushered into a world already ruined, thrown into the deep end and told to tread water endlessly and purposelessly; and only then is it a representation of that specific generation's struggles with the lockdowns and forced quarantines.

Nobody captures the essence of a generation quite like Bo is able to. Awareness of all of the world's problems – large and small, on a micro and macro scale – has resulted mostly in utter hopelessness and profound frustration. The world is fucked, we lost before we even entered the game, so why even bother. Better to stay at home, stay buried in distractions. At least if the problems remain virtual to us they won't eat us alive and destroy our being. Looking up from my phone is the only thing worse than looking down at it.

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