Crash ★★★

Weird choice for a birthday movie but whatever, happy birthday to me! 🥳

I'm starting to think that maybe Videodrome was the anomaly and I'm actually not that into Cronenberg. Disturbing and dark, Crash goes places that many of us wouldn't dare enter. The characters are deeply entrenched in a fetish that could literally kill them; in fact, they seem to long for physical injury just so they can live their lives entrapped in this world of broken bodies, mangled flesh, and scarred minds. There is a quote from another Cronenberg film, Dead Ringers, which I kept thinking about throughout: "Pain creates character distortion, it's simply unnecessary." To these characters, however, having reached the penultimate level of excitement of a near-death experience, anything less is no longer enough to sexually arouse, and they are searching to relive the high of a brush with death, chasing an overwhelming sexual intensity with compulsive fetishistic psychopathology. And yet for a film with such titillating subject matters, it doesn't do much more than present ideas, feeling almost entirely static beyond that.

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