Halloween ★★★½

classic thrills
scary kills,
all cuz Michal Myers, a man full of skill,
escaped from the prison - exploded a bus.

defeated by Laurie, thought over the hill,
she ruined her children, their growth she did stilt
spent years and years urgently working to build
enough anger and talent to take out this nut

this murderer's very existence instills
the now very old Laurie thinks she's unfulfilled
and as we the viewer experience chills
Laurie finally FUCKS MICHAEL UP!!

Michael Myers is a hugely famous serial killer and him being on the loose again is a highly publicized police case, plastered all over the newspapers and tv screens, yet we're supposed to believe that Laurie's daughter thinks her mom is just a delusional psycho. my point is this movie really captures the 80s tone.

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