I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★

It feels as though it desperately wants to be a dig at capitalism and how it infuriates those nearer the bottom into manipulating legalities for personal gain, but if that is the attempt it is outrageously misguided; yet without a single character to root for that is the only thing I can imagine it is trying to do (also, the ending pretty blatantly establishes this as its goal). Pike's character, regardless of how well she plays it, is so immensely unlikeable as she takes advantage of the helpless elderly that no matter what her background she is irredeemable. And while this is clearly the point - evil wins in a system that is blind to its own shortcomings - it is infuriating in a way it doesn't intend, as it doesn't fully commit. She is an exaggerated demented psycho in an attempt make it cheaply entertaining rather than a genuine critique, and the movie ends up feeling very confused in what it wants to be. It's neither a searing critique of a system nor a terribly entertaining film, and unlike the title I simply do not care very much at all.

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