Mon Oncle

Mon Oncle ★★½

Uninvesting. I get it: the village is designed in favor of opulence rather than function and its every element emphasizes the impracticality of a dedication to superficial aesthetics and electrical gadgets over the necessities of daily living, how individuality and even personality is willfully abandoned to maintain their social position and their shiny new possessions. Contrasted against the vibrant and sunny disposition of Monsieur Hulot, who lives in a more run-down area and rides a motorized bicycle, but lives freely and blissfully, their luxurious lifestyle seems even more sad and desperate.

But I just don't think Tati is for me. I've seen a few of his films and while he's clearly a very talented filmmaker I have trouble actually caring. Mon Oncle is almost Buñuelian in how it feels like there's no overarching narrative connecting the scenes, just non-sequiturs pieced together to say something rather than to convey an interesting narrative; but unlike Buñuel it isn't bizarre enough to keep me interested and the disconnection doesn't feel purposeful or even intentional. I simply could not get invested.

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