Nobody ★★★½

There is some significant implausibility to the whole affair, but more importantly, the movie doesn't give a shit about that. Bob Odenkirk is absolutely fucking wonderful as an effectively emasculated father and husband who decides to change that, and it's here where the characterization diverges most from that of John Wick - where the legendary John Wick fights for revenge, Hutch Mansell (I won't lie I totally forgot his name and had to look it up) fights because he is bored; where John Wick was forced back into the crime world, Nobody is desperate to finally return. He revels in getting beat up as much as he does in inflicting damage, anything just to feel more alive. His eagerness to go all out results in an exciting demonstration of excessive explosives and over-the-top violence in glorious action sequences. The movie's plot may tire itself out before the finale, but again, it doesn't give a shit and goes for broke on the insane action all the way to the end. Such a fun movie.

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