Saw V

Saw V ★★★

With the Jigsaw Killer dead, it had to have been obvious that they could easily return to the mysterious and psychological roots of the original movie by having a new killer, a copycat Jigsaw who was inspired by the legendary psychopath and has similar megalomaniacally "altruistic" motivations, and not revealing to the audience who it is or what exactly their goal is, but NOPE. We get everything told to us straight out and then just watch people get tortured. These movies are just becoming an exercise in frustration and clearly wasted potential.

But it would be unfair to judge a movie based on what I wanted it to be, and I have to give credit where credit is do. Unlike the major misstep of the previous installment (or was it the one before that? I'm literally losing track of these they're all running together in my head) we aren't given silly backstory that ultimately only serves to dilute the terrifying ambiguity of his evil. Instead, we get a fascinating and truly chilling close-up look at Jigsaw that shows just how cold and emotionally distant he really was from the terrible traps he forced people into, how he truly didn't see himself as evil and genuinely believed he had a higher morality than anybody else. It could have been much better, and the waste of potential is way too clear, but this is the best since the second. Onto the next one!!

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