Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

The film presents a dichotomous struggle of a man trying to find tranquility through accepting his situation while also desperate to get his own life back, and this dichotomy is present in the very fundamental of Ruben's character. Riz Ahmed's powerful yet intimate performance is not only aggressive and determined, but venerable and touching; not just angry, but scared. The artistry of its storytelling - the directing, the acting and the sound design - is as pure as its message; that is, the journey toward accepting the things that cannot be changed and seeking peace wherever it can be found. An emotionally devastating drama with the grip of an intense thriller that, through a combination of claustrophobic sound design and Ahmed's towering performance, allows us to experience the world through the ears of the hearing impaired, proving that a realistic and profoundly empathetic drama can be far more terrifying than a horror film.

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