Tenet ★★½

some guy eating bat soup...
...Christopher Nolan having a skrrt skrrt song in his film

edit - actual review:

you're not shooting the bullet - you're catching it

once it was decided that "tenet is gonna save cinemas," it had no chance. Nolan is a director of the fans - always has been, always will be. for some reason he's divisive, tho his movies are so thematically simple that I can't figure out why. the only explanation is the extreme levels of popularity, and it being the first true release in god knows way too damn long that sent the hype crashing through the roof. but Nolan pulled a Nolan and made a Nolan film, because at the end of the day he's not involved in the whole FILMBRO vs ANTI-FILMBRO debate - he's just a dude with a massive budget and full creative freedom. What I'm trying to say is:

Letterboxd needs to chill tf out

people are out here complaining abt the music being too loud to hear the dialogue, as if a single word would've affected the experience. this is 100% a case of style over substance, but there's nothing really wrong with that: a film is supposed to make u experience something, and whether it does so through substance or style is irrelevant as long as it achieves its goal. the best comparison I can make is to Michael Bay except Nolan doesn't suck.

I don't think Nolan is a funny guy, and he's a textbook mansplainer. understanding that makes it easy to see that this is Nolan at his most content. he turned crashing a huge plane into a full movie about reverse nuclear explosions. with a movie as popular as this the strongest reviews tend to get the most attention, but facts of the matter are this is unlikely to be the worst thing you've ever seen, nor the best. it's a big fun action film, and as if just to prove it's not meant to be taken that seriously, travis scott arrives with what is basically a jump scare of a song over the end credits to remind us it's all just good fun.

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