The Last Duel

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This review may contain spoilers.

Long before the title card reveals her account to be the actual truthful one, it is already clear that the relevance of most of the first two thirds of the movie is slim to its eventual outcome, effectively just weak misdirection. And yet I think this might not be a negative, as although the film fails at presenting an intriguing dynamic revolving around truth and fiction and scandal a lá Rashomon, it very effectively establishes the female's subservient role in society, a point the finale brutally affirms.

The revelation that comes with the climax is that it never was about truth, despite the film presenting itself as such. The final act is deafening, a resoundingly stifled cry for help from a woman who knows better than most that seeking justice from a society that views her as property humiliates nobody more than herself. She can only lose, and then lose more, because the truth is discarded in favor of vain chauvinists. "There is no right, there's only the power of man."

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