The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

Sorkin is pretty hit or miss for me, but his signature snappy dialogue plays perfectly with the arrogance of the characters, and Fincher's cool formal control turns that obnoxiousness into a cold blooded examination of petulant masculine anger. Nobody really emerges as a winner in this, everyone has a shattered ego to their pretentious Ivy League privilege. It's There Will Be Blood for the social media age, and in that sense it's a prediction of the future through a statement that history is doomed to perpetually repeat itself. The new systems of power and capital have replaced the old, but are built by sociopathic nerds, and now it controls our lives and our happiness. An incredibly effective critique on how human nature can corrupt technology, and vice versa, and a scarily accurate representation of the coming decade that only proves more prophetic with time.

Mom's review: Really liked the movie. Whole new insight into social media before and after.
Surprised it was pg13.

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