Titane ★★★★½

Hands off sir. Touch with your eyes.

Titane is completely insane and completely original. French provocateur Julia Ducournau's sophomore film follows up 2017's Raw with another Cronenberg-inspired exercise in sumptuously abstract and viscerally physical filmmaking. Brilliant images are crafted (one particular shot of her literally dripping wet approaching a pulsating car especially stands out), but you don't just see the movie – you feel it, every titillating frame so materially sensuous in so many different ways. It's hilarious, licentious, gross, uncomfortable, violent, and touching, sometimes all at once, sometimes in conflict with each other. Reconciling with existing in the physical bodies that define our beings but contain our wills, Titane is a riveting allegory that repulses and provokes. It is a film that defies categorization at every turn, a disturbing experience that ultimately reinforces the power of tenderness and selfless love, and the beauty in the nasty, bloody, skin-and-bones mess that is the human condition.

high-octane low-brow arthouse

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