• Bad Behaviour

    Bad Behaviour


    my favorite genre is movies with ben whishaw

  • Skinamarink


    would make a good double feature with paint drying

  • When You Finish Saving The World

    When You Finish Saving The World


    apparently it's possible to be an unintelligent sapiosexual which, I mean, why not, but also it's kinda funny

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    in the grand scheme of this godless incomprehensible universe, our futile search for meaning is utterly absurd. acceptance and kindness and love are equally absurd as rejection and cruelty and hate, but the former feels more meaningful, and ultimately we are beings of emotion and defined by an amalgamation of compounding subjective experiences. no one can hear you scream into the void, but no one can hear you laugh either, and laughing is more fun.

  • The Lobster

    The Lobster


    really effectively highlights the absurdist shallowness of being defined by a few specific traits, as if one could be entirely defined by the arbitrary and meaningless characterizations of a dating profile. emphasizes the loneliness and fruitless desperation inherent to the experience of modern dating, but when you're oppressively inundated with senseless codependency propaganda, you don't really have an option not to at least try out those apps and vapidly swipe on people you'd consider spending forever with based on the fatuous compatibility of a few hyperspecific attributes and interests. exhilaratingly disarming, viscerally unromantic. masterpiece.

  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

    Puss in Boots: The Last Wish


    the only good movie in the shrek universe

  • Broker



    With characteristic subtlety and sentimentality, Kore-eda crafts an increasingly bold exercise in empathy, pushing the boundaries of the lengths one could believably go for someone they care about. Surprisingly heavy on story, its strengths predictably lie in the quietly powerful moments in between the progressively convoluted plot developments that allow watching the film to feel like my entire lifespan takes place within the parameters of the runtime. As a verbal construction that may be a cliche, but there's something truly…

  • M3GAN



    lmao postmodern pop existentialism at its finest I loved this. blumhouse movies as a brand are collectively as structurally recognizable as the most distinctly A24 movies have become and I'm really enjoying this horror renaissance on both ends of the spectrum. the best crowd movie we've had in a long time, a genuinely communal experience. biggest gasp from the packed audience was a dramatic character moment when m3gan wasn't even on screen. understands the audience's bloodthirsty lust for comedic violence and delivers. m3gan dropping her mixtape when

  • This Place Rules

    This Place Rules


    i have 5 tktoks it's actually genius

  • The Guest

    The Guest


    first watch: Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe are distractingly attractive

    second watch: *forces self to pay attention to plot* good movie

    thir(d)(st) watch: Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe are distractingly attractive

  • Naked Singularity

    Naked Singularity


    damn if you don't bring the idea of public defender to a whole new level

    There's a lot of movies in here and I just wish they came together cohesively at some point! Some of the worst story structuring I've ever seen, with the first act taking up well over half the film and then the third act rushed into the final 5 minutes. That said, I enjoyed this way more than it probably deserved, with the entire inexplicably stacked…

  • Elvis



    always frustrating when something that isn't formulaic doesn't open the door for other unique passionately individualistic biopics but man this thing gets old fast. the performances deserve every bit of praise but I've already forgotten everything else. Tom Hanks making choices is always fun to see. Austin Butler is an actual full-on genuine Movie Star, the male Margot Robbie