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This review may contain spoilers.

Watched it because of John Simm, never seen another episode of Cracker. Based on the synopsis I thought this would just be a 'be gay do crime' sort of episode. Wow I did not expect it to be this emotional and heavy. That interview scene with Grady, beautiful, power dialogue and acting.

I do wish they ended the story a bit diffently, because killing your gays is quite a cliche when viewed 25 years later. It feels contradictory to me in a way, having Fitz establish to Grady it's normal to feel what he felt, but then turn around and kill his lover to showcase that his love is problematic and wrong. But for the purpose of art, it's great.

From Paul Abbott's Wikipedia, it says he was also once in foster care as a kid. It makes it all more impactful when he wrote Bill for his first story for Cracker.