Her ★★★★½

What a beautiful and subtly horrifying film, set in a not too distant future where our reliance on technology is so heightened that it becomes emotional support, true friendship and then love.

It was gorgeously shot and had fantastic set design (although, it did make me laugh that men in this world thought it fashionable enough to bring back seedy mo's and high pants), it felt like that this version of the future was straight out of the Seventies. This created wonderful contrast between the technologically advanced society and a time when they only just released the colour TV.

Joaquin Phoenix was lovely as the melancholy and lonely writer, Theodore, and Amy Adams was sweet as always as his best friend, Amy. It was Scarlett Johansson who stole the movie as Samantha, the OS that Theodore falls for.

Overall, it is a tragic and unique glimpse into a future that is terrifyingly similar to ours. Leaving us only to question, how long will it be before I fall in love with Siri?

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