Meet the Programmer: Samah Ali

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Meet our talented team of programmers – the people who work and watch movies all year long to curate the best films possible for the Seattle International Film Festival, celebrating its 48th year from April 14 to 24, 2022. Full program info

What are your 10 favorite films ever?
Best films i've watched in 2021 (shorts and features):
Captains of Zaatari
North by Current
Last Meal
She had a dream
Rift Finfinnee
Les Enfants Terribles
The Gallery That Destroys All Shame
The Train Station
Milk Factory: Inside a Lactation Room at the U.S. Capitol

What is one of your favorite festival moments?
programmer meetings!

What is your guilty pleasure film?

What's one thing we should know about you that is NOT film related?
I'm on only child.

What do you consider your hometown?
Toronto, Canada