Hereditary ★★★★★

i- im literally speechless. i don’t even want to try to talk about this film, but this is it. this is THE horror film that hits all the right spots for me. the camerawork, the sound design, and the performance were all top-notch AAAAA!!!!! and you BET the atmosphere was built all the way to the top. 
the lady sitting next to me was deadass hyperventilating throughout the last 20 minutes, and i was getting a little bit choked up too. (that’s how i know im going to love it. I don’t normally get scared from horror movies, but hereditary was something else. it wasn’t the feeling of someone would suddenly jump out in front of you. it’s a lot more disturbing and unsettling than the image itself, if that makes any sense at all?) it’s definitely going to haunt me in my sleep, so yay for that i guess.
p.s. the mouth pop and the buzzing sound of flies truly did the trick for me. it made me want to jump off my seat and scratch my ears for some reason??? but man, what an experience.

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