The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper ★★

PollyGrind 2014: Well, this is the best Albert Pyun movie I've seen, not that that's saying much (to be fair, I've never seen the '80s/'90s movies that generated his cult following). There's a bit of intrigue to the back-and-forth between an (apparent) murder witness and an (apparent) police detective in a sparse interrogation room (the film's only location), but the single-take gimmick and limited cast mostly just make the movie tedious, with nothing to break up the repetitive dialogue between the two main characters (although actors Tommie Vegas and Shane Ryan do decent work with the thin material).

But really the main problem is that the movie makes no sense, and every expository title card that shows up at the end just makes the story more incoherent. It's hard to invest in the dynamic between the only two characters in the movie when nothing they do is at all understandable.