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  • Prometheus



    Interesting them and a cool start. To much religion, and to little philosophy.

  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation


    Ok, a nice them for a movie, asking import questions of life and relations. A bit slow moving for my taste.

  • Amélie



    A fantastic film, with some truly great acting in it. Love the camera work and lighting, and most of al the animation bits whit the talking pictures on the wall, genus idea. And great story telling with a simple idea; girl falls in love whit a boy.

  • Life Is Beautiful

    Life Is Beautiful


    This is one of my top ten movies. Love the spirit of the film, and I find the same type of story telling (thaw more down to earth) that you can se in Underground by Emir Kusturica. And I love the warmth and passion of the story telling.