Courageous ★★★★

I've been waiting for and looking forward to watching the latest Sherwood film for a while now, and I wasn't disappointed.
Courageous is another classic Kendrick film, containing plenty of action, loads of emotion, and hilarious comedy.

As for my critiques:
The story is quite complex, following the lives of five men and their families. Obviously, then, there is going to be a lot of jumping back and forth, and I felt at times that it didn't flow quite as smoothly as it could have. However, the story is great, and you certainly see the results of the decisions each of the different men make.
I think the technical quality is up a bit from Fireproof. There are some good stunts and of course, gun fights and chases.
There is a LOT of dialogue. It's all good, (the Kendricks are better than most with their use of words), but I still hold more to the basic "show, don't tell" rule...
All in all, another great film from Sherwood, though it wasn't quite as good as I was expecting. However, I still loved it and eagerly look forward to the next.