The Jungle Book ★★★★

Films like this just aren't made anymore. Yeah, I know, we've moved forward. We're putting the past behind us. Maybe it's just 'cause I was raised on these films, but I still think some of Disney's classics are some of the greatest children's films. Jungle Book is one of them. Though hardly based on the book, it's a film that kids (and adults!) can actually sit back and watch, have a great time, and learn some good messages. They don't have to put up with a bunch of crude humor or language; you don't have to explain to your kids why the messages in the film stink.

There are a number of good elements to the film. Foremost to me is it's humor. And the Sherman brothers deserve a lot of that for their songs. Though Tangled was an amazing exception, you just don't find song-filled animated films that have good or clever songs anymore.

Several of the themes of the film are good. The theme statement is made early on, "he can't go to the man village, they'll ruin him, they'll make a man out of him." Even though I find the end a bit corny, the right decision is made and hence the hero has grown. Friendship is also a common element in this film, and I love the quotation, "Greater love hath no man...."

The film isn't perfect. The end isn't great and there are a number of corny lines, but it's still enjoyable.

Yes, maybe it is just an animated kids film. But they sure don't make them like they used to.