Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

Best Picture Rewatch #1

Somehow my affection for this movie has grown so much in the months since I first saw it. It's too long, the plot threads are almost non-existent, the portrayal of Bruce Lee is garbage, it ends up feeling weirdly rushed, I could go on. And yet, despite all the obvious flaws, I just end up really caring about the main characters, Sharon especially. People have started acting like Margot Robbie isn't far and away the best part of this movie; without her the movie loses almost all of its heart, as well as its best scene (Sharon in the movie theatre). I was honestly expecting to find this more of a slog the second time around but I actually wish it were longer?? I dunno man, I really like this movie. Tarantino should keep working with Brad Pitt because it's the only time I seem to like his movies.

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