Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle Comes Home ★★★★

*Was a 25, now a 75*

Giving this a hefty bump up. The low rating from last viewing was probably a mix of me being in a bad mood and being put off by just how different this entry feels compared to Annabelle: Creation. Now that I know it's merely a cozy sleepover supernatural Night at the Museum horror riff, it goes down so smoothly. All the different ghosts and monsters are delightful, and the hang-out vibe, complete with the potential boyfriend playing guitar outside the girl's window and the goofy pizza delivery guy stealing a slice, is spot on. A fun time at the movies, with a perfect end-credits song to seal the deal. Would pair well with the Goosebumps movies, or even something like Halloweentown or Under Wraps. Will definitely be spinning this again in October.

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