Batman Begins ★★★★½


Consistently scurrying with a fiendish backbone of Gothic horror and organic character moments; Batman Begins is a fascinating exploration of fear and the power it holds, both within people and their mutual interactions. It's so interesting how Nolan approaches Bruce Wayne's origin, both in regards to tone and structure. Never has a director, even including Tim Burton, committed so fully to a distinct examination of the iconic billionaire.

Nolan always builds his films like interlocking mechanisms of various forms and shapes, but it is in Batman Begins where that method takes on the presence of a fully-realized world. The murkiness of Gotham City hauntingly correlates to the damaged psyches of their characters, almost as if the crime and sorrow float in between the endless corridors of a labyrinthine wasteland.

Batman Begins is an excellent beginning (heh) to an endlessly captivating trilogy, but its true mastery lies in planting the seeds for a slowly-blossoming tapestry, one that isn't focused so much on Batman as much as how his phantom existence can illuminate the society of today. This isn't just a great superhero film, but a small piece of a monumental puzzle of collapsing ideals and frightful uncertainty.

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