Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) ★★½


Harley Quinn voted for Bernie and owns a pet hyena. That alone makes it better than Joker.

I love the *idea* of a colorful DC carnival ride like this, insufferably long title and all, but the first half is dire. Poor narration and a structure that can only be described as pointless essentially halts much of Birds of Prey to slog status. The action in the climax is pretty fun, and solid from a technical standpoint, deploying long-takes, slow-motion, and a coherent sense of style, although it's far too late to attempt to cover up the lingering Suicide Squad stench. All of these characters, even Harley Quinn, are cardboard cutouts, and their backstories are interminable subplots folding in on each other, just one after another before Quinn's narration flies back at you with "ok, so that's how we got here!" This movie also routinely does the tactic of reminding us how a character obtained a object or got to this location so when the payoff happens, we understand it, because we're stupid. Enjoyable in fits and starts. Don't expect anything else from it.

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