Citizen Kane ★★★★★


Greatest opening scene in cinema history. The 'no trespassing' sign, the camera tracking upwards as the fence scales higher and higher, almost to the clouds. Dissolves upon dissolves. Inching ever so closer to Xanadu: a mansion and a castle, a fortress and a paradise - something out of horror and fantasy and adventure seemingly all at once. The light from the window remains stationary, signaling to the spectator that our story begins in that high tower, a sole fragment of warmth amidst this vast canvas of fallen excess. And the dissolve after the bedroom light goes out and the composition switches from exterior to interior, illuminating Kane's figure laying on the bed as another dissolve brings the audience *into* his final moments. An experiential flourish of understanding this man before we even know who he is. Scattered flurries, a childhood memory made tangible, and the last gasps of air before the fall of a titan, decrepit and alone. Rosebud.

That's how you start a fucking movie.

The rest of the movie is pretty good too, I guess.

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