Crawl ★★★★


Not as wacky as the bright-red gore-fest of Piranha 3D or as torturous as his remake of The Hills Have Eyes, but sheesh, this is pretty ruthless. The gators give no fucks. Crawl offers around ten minutes of typical set-up and then it's off to the races. While Aja isn't as spatially capable as Collet-Serra or as subversive as Eli Roth, he's still a modern horror craftsman hellbent on making nasty surface-thrill experiences, and I appreciate his dedication to gleeful violence. Crawl doesn't even bother with traditional build-up, instead constructing a evolving space in which to fill with a seamless escalation of creature feature fun. At a brisk 87 minutes, this ends right when it needs to and keeps the audience satisfied and shocked throughout.

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