Creed ★★★★★

*previously an 80, now a 94*

The glory of Hollywood redefined and resurrected via a humanistic, compassionate lens. Johnson/Creed: it says it all; Coogler merging the old and the new together into one moving populist spectacle. Can't help but constantly tear up during the final 30 minutes, as the myth-making never resorts to fan-service, propelling history on a fast track to collision with the modern. There's such a swift attention to montage and how the preparation for physical showmanship requires just as much effort if not more so, especially when the claim for prideful heritage is on the line. Thinking about that final run within the city, an entire generation rising to claim something as their own, lets the waterfalls loose in my eyes, especially when Rocky sticks his head out of the window to give a smile and a nod.....

And the final fight? Searing edits and satisfying narrative conclusions abound only to serve vivid emotion and movement. A ghost, a soul, a name possessing our hero in the climax - after the ring itself has abstracted into darkness and slow-motion, splattering blood and ringing bells - provides spouts of silence in contrast to shut doors and cries of anguish, culminating in a primal roar reverberating through the composition. Overwhelming, hot-blooded cinema; not about boxing, but about how passion can ignite the beauty which time allows us before it knocks us out for the count.

"I'm proud to be a Creed."

Jesus H Christ can someone stop cutting onions?!?

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