Danger: Diabolik ★★★★★


Mario fucking Bava. A horror master also turns out to be a natural for escapist adventure, splashing color onto an already inventive canvas of airplane trap-doors, rotating beds, and castle robberies. Euphoric in every frame, driven by the power of love and its sweaty echo chamber of sensuality, but built primarily out of unattainable bravado. Not many movies (ie: none) just stop dead in their tracks to showcase a vehicle elevator/make-out session/psychedelic light show sequence, but when this one does, it's so invigorating that I thought I had actually died and gone to a cinematic utopia, one melded out of cool-ass gadgetry and the WOW image of making love with your girl as millions of dollars are scattered across your bed.

Imagine a mix of Bonnie and Clyde, early Bond, and 60s Batman and you're still a helicopter chase and a cannon launch away. One of the most fun movie-watching experiences ever? Probably. See ya later, I'm gonna go climb castle walls and steal shit.

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